Happy Father's Day 2009 Maret 2014

Happy Father's Day to all guys out there and may you have a fun-filled day bonding with your love ones :D

Growing up in a typical Chinese family, there is no Father's Day at all. I can't remember when this day was 'declared' a Father's Day.

I am sad my Father is no longer here with us. Even if today is not Father's Day, I think about him each & every day and I'm still sad as always.

Father in China 2004

I am Missing Pa terribly much :'(

Throughout his lifetime, having gone through poverty in China to the hardship suffered during World World II, Father has always been courageous, optimistic with a zest for life.

A Man with a heart of gold, always the live-wire, philosophical at times, a morale booster and someone who always put a smile on my face whenever Mom disciplined me :)

Well, I wish I can go on and on about Father but I'm glad he has inculcated his values to me & my Brothers - always helping others in need & to be proud of who we are.

So treasure your love ones when they are still around, there will always be dreams of chasing after the next dollar, new cars, new houses just bear in mind that your love ones will not be here with us forever.

Happy Father's Day to all once again :D
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