Men @ Work Maret 2014

We work hard for our money and that includes the migrant workers too.

If you visit my country today and by the time you step foot here again, chances are you'll see new development everywhere.

Whether it is commercial or private developments, the migrant workers are everywhere - Indians, Chinese, Thai, Philippines just to name a few.

I just want to say to all that hey, Transient Workers Count 2!! (TWC2)

No one stopped to appreciate their hard work slogging under the sun to help build our nation.

No one ever stopped to look them in the eye and give them a gentle smile as a gesture of appreciation.

I don't know what come over me today but looking at all the construction sites here with all the large number of foreign workers and escalating numbers of industrial accident involving them, I felt a tinge of sadness.

They are just as normal as you and I, they are also Father, Husband, Son, Brother to their love ones and for all you know, they are even more educated as those professional sitting in the large corporate office.

I was involved in a voluntary work at TWC2 once and while mingling around with the migrant workers, they shared with me their difficulties and culture shock while working here.

Stories of exploitation, poor working condition, non payment by employer so it is commendable that TWC2 was established to improve their working condition.

Anyway, through the course of my work I have witnessed how others shouted & mis-treated them too.

Although I am just a 'little voice' here, I hope that society at large would just show some empathy to migrant workers, pause to show our appreciation & to respect them.

After all, as what TWC2 had mentioned before, it was Dignity Overdue to them.

Thank you folks for building our home here in Singapore :D
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