Mahjong Bonding Maret 2014

How I wish it was a marathon mahjong session with my guy friends but unfortunately they have to work over the weekend.

I suppose it was not bad having played from Friday evening till Saturday morning heheheheh....


It was so impromptu over lunch at the office when my buddy (Cool Guy A) asked if I was free to play mahjong.

Without any hesitation since D worked night shift the way before your mind starts going wild, D knows all my cool buddies from work ya.

Sorry I must 'hide' their identities because too many of my friends would be jealous if I have a 'night-out' with all these cool guys :)

So, without any hesitation my younger Brother sent his mahjong table over and the guys came over to my place for some mahjong bonding ;)

Winning or losing money is secondary, what is important is the bonding with each other 'washing' all the tiles, stacking & dealing in a midst of laughter & chat.

So here you see.....I had a couple of 'good & lucky' tiles, lots of 'flowers & one roaster' with all even tiles and was really for the 'kill'.

Nothing beats having a mahjong bonding session with my guys and yes, I do play with my girlfriends too

Now let's see, who's next to my place for another bonding ;D

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