Money Money Money Maret 2014

Ok so we have to recognise this....No Money...No Honey :)

But to be honest folks, I am pretty much a laissez-faire person when it comes to money matter and it doesn't really bother me if I am standing next to a millionaire.

Well ok, if that millionaire wants to split his money, why not kekekekek... :D

Having said that though, when I started working I earned very little so there is not much savings in the bank. Also, I started giving monthly allowance to my parents when I earned my first pay check even up till now as with what most Asian children would do.

As my earning power increased, I tried to set aside some savings for 'raining days' but for some, it is for their retirement.

Amongst friends, when it comes to money matter, it can be pretty sensitive. If I am prepared to loan, I am prepared to write-off. Very often, through this I am able to see the real substance of the relationship.

We tried to inculcate saving habits to our girls and usually they will save their allowance in their piggy banks.

But here, it is my piggy banks - A Miss Piggy and Mr. Sperm Bank :)

Whenever I have some loose change (usually $1 coin) I would just drop them in and lo and behold folks!!! Quite a hefty sum when it gets full :D

Now I don't feel guilty if I buy something for myself with these extra savings isn't it :D

So there...happy savings folks and would be nice to hear your saving habits ya :D
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