White Lonely Dog Maret 2014

I have spotted this white lonely dog loitering around my office premises.

Not sure if it is a male or female but last week, I was observing him from a far corner and reckoned he must be a timid yet friendly fella.
Unlike any wild dogs found in construction site, some were ferocious, some charged at people whenever they see them carrying some food. Some merely follow them hoping to get some cuddle or gentle loving care.

He looks lonely and I wish I can feed him but doing that I might be endangering myself as I am not sure if he a friendly or fierce dog.

As our plant premises is situated in a chemical and hazardous environment, I am sad that the pest control guys will be coming in to round him up.

I wish he will be put up at the SPCA instead of ........... :(
White Lonely Dog Maret 2014 | Rizal | 5