Springy Fishball Soup Maret 2014

Before I share with you my next post, just an update on the Wild White Dog found at my workplace. The pest control specialist was called in and as I knew him quite well, I spoke with him quietly that if he got hold of the dog, do not bring him to the SPCA.

He smiles at me and told me that usually for wild dogs, he would just 'let them off' in another construction site in the mainland :)

As of today though....this white dog has not been caught yet so I am actually in two minds - just hope he is just a friendly fella that will do no harm to others.

Next...let me share with you a bowl of springy fish ball soup.

It is a very common dish found in local food stall, you can have it with noodles - dry or soup.

Here it is just fish balls in a clear soup, the soup is usually boil with pork ribs and small little fish known as ikan bilis.

When I was a little girl...I love fish balls but not so much now. I noticed too that young children do enjoy having them but as they grew older....seems like their taste buds just change.

There were incidents whereby children or older folks get choke just by eating fish balls so I have always been very careful when I served them to my girls when they were much younger by cutting them into half.

Fish balls are made with fish paste mixed with corn-starch & seasonings of salt & pepper. For some Teochew (dialect group), theirs is filled with minced pork inside each fish ball and I knew that's my Father's favourite :)

Hmmmm...... just the other day Younger Brother ordered this bowl of fish ball soup and although it is no longer the authentic traditional sure brought back fond memories :)

I'll treat you to a big hearty bowl when you come by to visit me ya :D
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