Resilience Maret 2014

I count my blessings all the time as there isn't any life-changing events or situation that put me under tremendous stress.

I want to manage stress and not let stress manage me ya :D
Always the live-wire, always the social butterfly breaking ice and making people feel comfortable.

A blessed family with good jobs and good friends which enriches my life of which I am most thankful with.
I believe there is always sunshine after the rain BUT still, in life we have to deal with difficult situation and obnoxious people.

I know I am resilient and standing tall as it can only make me stronger, after all things happened for a reason. It just gives me time to clear my mind and put things into perspective.

The road to resilience is challenging more so when you have to deal with passive-aggressive behaviour.

Sadly, these people who encompasses negative attitudes manifested their behaviour through resentment and sadly, passively being defiant :(

I would love to hear your views on how you deal with people who are passive-aggressive folks.
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