Donut Craze Maret 2014

I must admit I am not a donut fan but I just have to succumb to this weakness when the donut craze hit Singapore :)

We had the Dunkin' Donut couple of years ago but that did not create an impression on me at all probably coz it was a small outlet at Far East Plaza.

In came Donut Factory which saw people queueing for an hour for donuts!! Excuse me?? Queue for an hour? Hmmmm..... I reckoned it must be good huh?

I have better things to do really then to queue up so I was glad that more outlets were opened in various part of Singapore and ta-dah!!!

Yep! Ta-Dah!! Box of six assorted donuts - Go on, help yourself folks :D

I must say it was so so so so so so GOOD!!! The chocolate mint was Bibi's favourite but I think I'll die for another bite of the coffee almond donut.

Now I know why they queue ;)

After the craze over Donut Factory simmered down, some big 'guy' came and the queue started brewing in another location - the J.Co Way :D

Yep! The queue shifted and I think that's pretty normal in Singapore :D

So there you have it, box of six assorted donuts folks! Go on, choose your pick :D

I must confess..... it was just as GOOD :D

As what was recommended, I put the donut in the microwave for 8 seconds and one bite, it literally melts in my mouth.

Honest folks! You have to trust me this time, I have to stop myself for hanging out at the malls where there is Donut Factory or J.Co Way.

I will pamper family & friends big time and I only hope that more people would indulge with me on this donut frenzy :D (After indulging, gym frenzy hahahah)

Arghhh.....if only I have box of six assorted donuts with me now :D
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