Tiong Bahru Market Maret 2014


So clean, spacious & airy that for a moment I thought I have visited the wrong Tiong Bahru Market ;)

Even though it was dinner time I don't quite get the right feel, the 'atmosphere' of good old Tiong Bahru Market of smell, sight & signature dishes ;(

I was surprised to see Marina South Curry Delight 'migrated' to Tiong Bahru though.

Yep! I 'Tar Pau'* curry fish head for dinner that night ;) $16-$18 for half a fish head, HALF only so do you think that's expensive folks?

We were spoilt for choice just by looking at all the colourful display and combination that we wanted for dessert.

In the end, it was back to the basic ~ good old ice-kachang & ice-red bean with sweetcorn & crushed nuts :D

*Tar Pau - pack
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