Pu-Erh Tea 普洱茶 Maret 2014

Now I am not a tea expert but we do enjoy a cup of hot Chinese Tea after almost every meal be it at home or in the restaurant.

It helps to 'wash' the oil & fats away after a hearty meal or so most of us believe as it does helps in digestion after a heavy meal.

We used to get our supply of tea leaves from my Father whenever he came back from his China trip or even gifts from friends so we never run out of tea leaves at home.

Last August during my Beijing trip, I had the opportunity to visit a Tea House and so happily paid $75 for a box of lovely Pu-Erh Tea (普洱茶

I have no idea if it is expensive or a better grade but I do know that it comes in different grades and anyway I love tea so something nice to bring home.

Actually I really love the way this was being packaged :)

I must thank D for snapping all these pictures so instrumentally :) This is how it looks like after storing it for almost nine months.

Yep, we 'aged' the tea leaves :D

It doesn't look nice looking at how all these tea leaves were being compressed isn't it?

Although this was bought in Beijing, apparently Pu-Erh was produced in Yunnan Province so I suppose once in China you could buy all sorts of tea leaves.

A search at Wikipedia listed the potential health benefits of drinking Pu-Erh and apart from aid in digestion, lower cholesterol just to name a few, I knew lots of ladies bought this as the salesgirl was promoting this as assisting weight-loss too :) hit the 'jackpot' for the Tea House hahahah.......

Anyway, we drank all sorts and here I have the Jasmine Tea - very mild with a very nice fragrant.

Another favourite which shapes like small little pills, once we add in hot water it sort of 'opens' up and releases the aroma of the leaves.

A gift from our daughter's Chinese Tutor, Lychee Red Tea from Guangzhou. I have been trying to look for one but to no avail so far.

There you have it, Pur-Erh Tea (普洱茶) plus many other types of Chinese Tea. I bet the list is endless coz then again I have my all time favourite Green Tea too :D

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