Calamasi or Calamansi Maret 2014

I have my doses of Vitamin C ~ Calamasi or Calamansi whatever ;)

I love this small little potent citrus fruit :D It comes across as a small little lime and I remembered my Mom used to have a few pots of calamasi plant and each time we just have to pluck some either for its juices or for cooking purposes.

I love freshly squeezed calamasi juice and every time when I finished my jog I'll squeeze the juice, add in a few ice cubes and I'm ready to refresh & quench my thirst.

Last Saturday, I got myself a Perrier and add in to my calamasi juice and it was oh..lalala to say the least :D ...... Somehow with carbonated water it gives me that added 'punch' ;)

There is always a handful in my fridge and ever since I started this regime of having it after my run, I began to realise that it has prevented me from catching a cold that easily.

Gosh! It sounds like an addiction huh? kekekekeke.......

Until then, if you can take the sourish taste do have a go and feel refresh, you won't regret it :D

Cheers!! Cheers to small wonder The Calamasi :D

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