"Sobieski" Maret 2014

Greetings Folks! Gosh, just realised my last post was dated 25 June, Wednesday I wondered where has all the time gone.

Anyway, one of the computer at home is 'dead' so you can imagine the 'challenge' with one laptop shared by all of us at home :)

Today has been a busy day catching Prince Caspian with the kids and off I head off to the East Coast Beach for the launch of a book on Celebrating Family. More on that in my next post.

Very quickly, just wanna to show you some pet hamsters from Shania's friends (Zoe & Shermin). I love hamsters but I am so scare to hold them in my hands coz it felt so ticklish :D

I remembered when Bibi was about five or six years old, we bought a pet hamster for her and named it Sobieski. Why Sobieski?

Coz back in 1995, we went to Warsaw, Poland and stayed in this really posh hotel by the name of Sobieski and this name just stuck with us ever since.

Though 'Sobieski' is no longer with us......we will never forget our pet hamster as well as the wonderful hotel in Warsaw, I hope I'll get to visit Poland again *hint*....*wink* :D

Have a wonderful weekend folks!
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