My Choice Maret 2014


I trust that There Is Always Sunshine After The Rain :D

I am still amazed by my low threshold for PAIN and equally fascinated at myself to continue upholding my high threshold for TOLERANCE.

I believed that respect given is respect earned, there is no doubt about this. Bet you would be sadden when you see people around you who refuses to 'grow up'.

Then again, we are unique individual and as what blog pal, Dave mentioned "We sit back and observe and try to learn from it. The mood always passes and the sun always returns."

Anyhoo, I don't think it is worth to harbour ill feelings and let it hover over the mind without realising the 'damages' to oneself.

I am glad that with my strong threshold for tolerance has given me a peace of mind which is better than giving someone a piece of my mind :D ~ Thank God for the inner strength to build my character ;-) (Character building is very important within me)

Coz Yep! I do believe that there will always be sunshine after the rain :D

If it is to be, it is up to me!! So my choice is ~ TO BE HAPPY :D

Note to Self:

Running certainly helps to enlighten you spiritually and holistically to be a better person so keep going Gal :D
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