"Wounded" Maret 2014

I must have been the 'Clown' really, the biggest fool to trust and believe that the guys would fight the 'battle' with me.

I was the 'Fool' ultimately and eventually because even before the 'battle' could begin, 'we' conceded 'defeat'.

Currently I exude loans of negative emotional energy but I know it can only distort my focus and I must recognise the element of hidden agenda by others and how others persistently fuel a never-ending need for power and eventually over-power by their ego.

What a power ego I must say........ some are followers (write them off already), some are merely there to be spectators and I suppose worst are those who failed to realise they are slowly alienating themselves by strengthening their ego, enhancing their identity.

Sorry lah..... sleepy volcano would erupt one day too isn't it?

There are many people who wants the title and authority but fail to realise that it comes with corresponding responsibility ~ Generally speaking really but there is an element of truth!!

I could go on and on and missed those days of 'confrontation' yet with assertiveness without jeopardising labour-management relationship.

I am all for consultation bearing in mind that in the course of 'labour battles' we don't compromise our sense of self-worth and uphold integrity.

Oops! Big word ~ 'INTEGRITY'

Anyhoo.......'nursing' the 'wound' and I hope the 'citizens' are happy.

By the way......we need a 'catalyst' for change right ;)

Oh well, whatever will be will be (remember that song?)

Heyyy.....while I was 'nursing my deep wound', heard a sad news when I got home last night. One girl was found dead apparently drown in Guilin, how sad ;(

The place was cordoned off by the police last night and suddenly it seems so grisly and grim sight.

Not much news reporting on this drowning incident whether it was foul play, suicide or something else. I did come across people fishing there and in the midst of enjoying themselves, some even sat in a precarious position - how scary!
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