Pocky Maret 2014

I have 'suffered' down-time these couple of days because 'Good Buddy' ain't 'nice' this time round and I'm so glad D has been most understanding doing all the household chores and cooked for the family since he was off for two days :D

So here I am , catching up with my 'blog business' hehehehehe.........bonding with blog pals of course.

This chocolate coated Pocky stick truly 'survived' the test of time, I remembered saving a weeks' pocket money when I was a teen just so I could indulge in a packet of these.

We are spoilt for choice now, other then the pizza flavour, we have
those coated with crushed almonds, hot & spicy and just name it folks.

There was a Japan Fair couple of weeks ago and I saw this really slim chocolate coated stick, as usual couldn't resist buying.

Now when it comes to Oreo, nothing beats the original Oreo biscuit cream so what caught my eye initially was the big OREO sign and a closer look only tempted me to just grab my purse and cart this home for the kids :D

Very expensive for only 14 pieces but it was worth it!! Trust me!!! Creamy chocolate yet nutty and it didn't last for a day at home hehe...

No more Japan Fair no worries because I have just discovered a shop in Tiong Bahru that sells all types of Japanese Confectionery and I literally got lost there!

Now I must bring Shy Girl & HK along to explore for themselves this candy haven :D
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