'Lizzy' Maret 2014

Oh no, Lizzy is not the name of my pet. Incidentally we don't own a pet now except for good old Sobieski (remember our hamster?)

is the nick I gave for lizard and I know they are harmless but I have always been petrified by them.

It must have been the fear indoctrinated when I was young as the adults in our neighbourhood would frighten us when a lizard drops its tail and started wriggling, that it might wriggle into our ears. How dreadful!! ;(

Now this pair of Gaudi Dragon which I bought from Barcelona do look like Lizzy......Ya you bet I am not afraid of them :D

In fact, if not for the vibrant colours one might just be fooled to be Lizzy isn't it?

Anyway...... these two Gaudi Dragons are just happy 'sitting' at the corner of my bath tube :D

Now, what I really wanted to 'confess' folks is this.... Sorry Oprah, I know this is not 'justifiable' after all I took out an annual subscription just to read all your wonderful articles (That's another story)

I know I could have use a different 'weapon' but you see Oprah, 'O' is conveniently by my side and 'PIAK' I just have to 'attack' Lizzy before Lizzy 'attack' me *Sob*

On a serious note really, I was happily chilling out in my room enjoying 'SoYou Think You Can Dance' on Channel 5 and there I spotted Lizzy ;(

Ok, ignore Lizzy Shionge............

Hmmmm.....Lizzy apparently was dancing solo ........

Next, Lizzy decided to take the 'dance-floor' by storm (Ahem...crawling all over the ceiling above my bed)

Gosh! By this time I was getting a bit nervous because of the tail thingy remember?

Anyway....... without thinking, I switched off my TV & the light and leave my room.

Check Lizzy 10 minutes later......... Ahhh...... peace at last :D


started 'dancing' on the 'centre-stage' (Eweeeee...........on the floor my gosh!!!) HELP!!!

So there I was freaking out... ...'O' was next to me and there goes a big 'PIAK' !

I am very upset that Lizzy got to stay beneath the Big 'O' tonight.

Oh by the way, D is working night shift tonight so I am hoping that he'll read this post & by the time he gets home tomorrow morning, he would let Lizzy out.

Oh Dear..... I am feeling so guilty now ;'(

Another bad vibes with lizard really was once, I was about to walk into my room when suddenly one big fat lizard landed on my head. I went hystericaI and screamed till I almost broke my lungs.

Oh ok, I exaggerated ;D I broke the neighbourhood's silence that night so pardon me for not getting along with Lizzy folks!

Do you all like lizard? Tell me, tell me :D

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