Sheer Indulgence Maret 2014

As you are all aware, my sheer indulgence have always been chocolate and my nickname is very much 'Yours Truly ~ Chocolate Monster' :D

But over the years, the urge for ultimate craving falls only when 'Good Buddy' came knocking once a month hehehe.....(I don't know why ;D)

Anyhoo, last night over the Wimbledon's Men's Final between Roger Federer & Rafael Nadal, both D and myself INDULGED!!! With sparkling wine too and I almost forget the taste of good milky chocolate from Lindt :)

This is two yummy bars of chocolates from Bibi when she came back from Melbourne and you know with globalization, no problems in getting Swiss chocolate from any parts of the world huh?

Now 85% dark chocolate is not my cup of tea and I was told it was really bitter ;O

Ahhh......I am glad I didn't feel guilty as I let them melt in my mouth as I know I have been working out so hard lately so I suppose a little bit of indulgence ain't gonna do me any harm ya :D SO SHIOK!!!

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