Just My Thoughts Maret 2014


Gosh, when the going gets tough I know the tough gets going, it is just a matter of how to 'stick' my finger to it ;(

Being an extrovert (yes I am to the point of being outspoken), at times I find this a challenge to 'speak out loud'

Coz 'speaking out loud' means a need to 'smell' the opportunity - right time, right mood, right place.

When something is 'gnawing' at the back of my mind, I have to 'let it all out'.

I am always 'unhappy' knowing my love ones are unhappy and it doubles the pain for me. Yes, I can be very dramatic at times to the point of being overly compassionate ( that good?)

Somehow I got this funny feeling that I am not 'mothering' right or perhaps 'mothering' too much ;(

Whatever that was gnawing me for the past few days no longer 'bugged' me and in fact I was glad that I shared my thoughts with D.

After all I think it is important that 'Love doesn't require two people looking at each other BUT that they look together in the same direction' :)

So now, instead of 'mothering' alone time to work together and hone our parenting skill.

There, my parting shot ~ Plan for tomorrow but LIVE for today!! Yayyyy!!! ;-)
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