Back "Dancing" Maret 2014

Hiya Folks ~ Thank you for your well wishes, sweet thoughts, warm prayers and love, I've got them and it's 'locked' in my heart forever :D

I'm back "Dancing" and I'm glad to be back :) I could just hear the rhythm every now and then and it's sweet music to soothe & nurse myself till next week.

My house was 'overwhelmed' with fruit baskets & tonic to nurse me back to health from my buddies and my cell phone run out of memory as it was flooded with lots of get-well messages from friends & colleagues too.

Shy Girl came with H. Keow to visit me and I 'sneaked' out to have a mocha & cheesecake with them at The Coffeebean since H. Keow drove. Shhh.........suppose to rest at home kekekek....

So on that nerve-wrecking day of the surgery, I was very quiet and tried not to show my emotion too much to D although he knew I was scare. I have to remove a cyst since the CT scan confirmed the abnormality and since I have procrastinated for a year....I knew I have to make a decision to just go for it!

This would have been my fourth 'visit' to the operating theater and the feeling still sucks ;( It was cold but surprisingly, my fear was gone when I heard the lady next to me telling the nurse just how frighten she was.

Finally I was 'pushed' to the 'centre-stage' hehehe.......I thought it was going to be on a cold icy operating bed as before but I was wrong! There was a warm sheet cover and a blanket to keep me cozy and I remembered greeting the nurses "Happy Nurses Day!" to everyone and before I was 'knocked out' I could recall yakking happily with the nurses & doctors before they 'fix' me kekekke.....

I woke up by noon and knew the 'ordeal' was over....phew! :'D

I saw D and the nurses fussing over me and I had to stay in bed for observation till the late afternoon :D I saw Dr. Chin who did the surgery for me and he was so assuring giving me a sense of relief and confidence.

I'm glad to be back dancing folks and I wanna thank you for stopping by every now and then too sending greetings & messages of which I'm most appreciative.

Thank you to all my blog buddies, friends & colleagues for walking through this journey with me :D ~ Luv you all!!!
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