Letter to Rowling Maret 2014


Dear Ms. Rowling,

Thank you :D

Thank you for penning Harry Potter and the constant companion to Bibi. Through your series, she has walked through her childhood with the magical world of Harry Potter and the gang.

As her Mom, I am truly glad to see her mesmerised in each and every book, her intense concentration and fully intrigued by reading them over and over again waiting impatiently for your last instalment ~ The Deathly Hallows.

She wrote "7 years, I've been a fan and today everything ends." How touching and she was sobbing after reading the last chapter of this book. It took her less than 10 hours to complete the book and I bet she didn't want you to end this Ms. Rowling.

Yes, I bet you have a fan in every child, every adult and a worldwide phenomenon which is unbelievable but from a child to a young lady...this is what she has to say.....

"From tomorrow onwards, we'll see how life will be without any more Harry Potter books. I think life will be incredibly dull and boring. Goodness. It's been a long time. 7 years is a long time. Even more, for a decade.

Kudos to Joanne Kathleen Rowling! You amaze me. I have no idea how my life would've turned out without this story."

Yep! It would be boring now knowing that there is no more sequence just like how hollow I felt when The Lord of The Ring series ended :(

Still, thank you for a wonderful Harry Potters' journey with my girl, through you she has bloomed and she has improved her writing skill tremendously just by reading your books. It is a collection for her and as she matures into adulthood, this would be a wonderful childhood memory for her.

Once again, appreciate your brilliant intelligent effort, I thank you :D



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