Hi-Tea Bonding Maret 2014

I took half a day off from work as Christine (my DJ remember?) invited me out to go for Hi-Tea for our usual bonding.

So together with her Sister, Serene we chose the Goodwood Park Hotel for their local hi-tea spread.

This is the prim & proper shot before we hit out at the buffet spread :D

The bowl of laksa - hot & spicy just the way I like it.

Serene was hoping they serve 'hum' to go with it.

After eating their curry chicken, me gonna cook curry chicken for my family this weekend with lots of potatoes :)

This is 'Cheng Tng' - our local sweet dessert soup with dried logans, gingko nuts, barley & white fungus.

It can be served hot or cold , during a hot day I just love to have it with shaved ice which is refreshing.

Must have cakes & pastries during a hi-tea so just by looking at it is enough to satisfy my craving :)

Mango pudding anyone?

The cheese tart is just as nice and I love the way they topped with all kinds of fruits.

This carrot cake is a bit too dry I'm afraid so I didn't quite enjoy it.

Besides the pastries, they have some nonya kuehs too.

Just like this one which is tapioca with coconut - very soft & not too sweet.

Goodwood Park Hotel is also famous for their Durian Fiesta so after our hi-tea, we walked to the Deli to see what they have to offer.

My heart was craving for the durian pastries but was disappointed when the hotel staff told us we must consume within one hour as they do not have ice-box to go with it ;(

Look at the durian strudel, durian puffs, cakes....everything for die-hard durian fans :)

Imagine having a oreo durian cake - wonder how it would taste like.

This cream puff is so pretty - I'm so happy just by looking at it :D

Not forgetting the durian crepe which is light :)

Maybe the next visit would strictly be durians as we were told the Durian Fiesta will last till August 2009.

So there.....our Hi-Tea Bonding and Christine is so nice to get me a jewelley box for my Birthday so yayyy....... great quality time and half a day well spent :D

Now, I have to check who wants to go for the Durian Fiesta with me.....who wants to join me?? :D
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