Monument Valley Maret 2014

Monument Valley and everything nice :D

We were lost in excitement crusing along US163 in Arizona to US191 to Utah as one of our highlights was to be able to travel to the States of Arizona, Utah & Nevada.

The spectacular sights of the mountains & valleys literally took our breathe away and we could never get enough everyday when we set our journey off to discover something new.

There are so many hidden treasures in America that a trip to The Navajo Tribal Park is certainly one of them and I am glad that it is well preserved and well maintain for people to visit.

Monument Valley is one of the places one must visit so do make a stop when you visit the Southwest of America.

Look at the formation of this rock on the high ground, amazing how the transformation took place for so many years. I love the clear blue you?

After the valley to highway US 163 travelling about 20 miles of flat landscape across scattered Navajo Indian houses I think (Utah), we yelled in excitement when we spotted the Mexican Hat :D

I bet if ever we do visit again, this 'hat' would fall due to gravity and soil erosion and that would definitely be a shame!

We love this Mexican Hat :D

I have no idea what is this big piece of rock called but I found the shape unique and very interesting indeed.

Just look at the different shades of colour & looks like sliding towards the left ya.

I'll let you go by teasing you with this Balancing Rock found in the Arches National Park in Moab (Utah).

Isn't she amazing? We were so close to nature and Whoa! I was lost for words as we spent the afternoon in MOAB. Absolutely wonderful place on earth and we could never get enough of this......more Arches to come and I am thankful for a trip like this.

Enjoy this natural wonder of balancing rock folks :D Have a wonderful weekend too!

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