Romancing Now? Maret 2014

Yo!! Are you romancing today with your love ones? Hmmm.....I bet you are coz I can 'smell' it in the air :D

Makes me wonder..... must we succumb to this 'commercialize' Valentine's Day? I see lots of youngsters do so if they start from the beginning of their courtship in buying roses, chocolates, diamonds or what have you, please have the stamina to continue celebrating this special day.

Coz you see, when there is no expectation, there would be no diasppointment.

I have no expectation so I am the happiest woman right now :D

When there is true love, there would be Valentine's Day + the rest of 364 days with my Valentino hehehhe.....this year being The Leap Year, I have an extra romantic day hahahah....

Little things matters so I suppose you don't have to shower each other with love on this Valentine's Day but having said that, since this is traditionally a ROMANTIC DAY....go on, shower & pamper each other please :) I'm Cool!

Anyway...this is a classic email from my sweetest friend and I just wanna share this with all you lovely Gals:

Hi Ladies,

I woke up this morning wishing to send flowers to all my beautiful friends but I didn't want to deliver it myself coz it's nicer to receive it from a man. So, I asked a very good old friend to do it for me. I hope he makes yousmile today. HAPPY VALENTINE! ;-)

He sure put a Big Smile on my face and I hope you would too Ladies :)

To all my Gentlemen Friend, Happy Valentine's Day too and hope you are romancing now and will never stop....... Sweet Dream Folks :D

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