A Painful Jab ;( Maret 2014

Just an update on the progress of my recovery.

After the excruciating painful 'extraction' of the three K-wires, Doctor referred me for physiotherapy everyday at Mount Elizabeth since January.

Although very optimistic but as mentioned before I am very much one little timid dragon who has a very very low threshold for pain. Yep! It is no fun and it is like going for a pain endurance test.

As a result of not being able to move my right hand for the past two months, I have inevitably suffered a hand syndrome cum frozen shoulder. All my joints including the fingers but worst hit was my shoulder joint ;(

In order not to cause unnecessary worries to my children I have to be 'brave' and I was really glad that after daily physio I was able to type and write despite doing it slowly.

This is the current status of little pinkie, still a little bit of swelling and I did not deliberately 'stick' it out folks, it just refuses to bend :(

Apart from the anguish & anxiety of going for hand therapy, I must say that I met the most wonderful medical care personnel ever in Mt. Elizabeth :-) William is my therapist and he is such a wonderful gentle man *wink-wink*......he's really nice ~ gentle & compassionate.

Do you know the kind of patients going for physio? I truly feel for those elderly stroke patients going through the tedious exercise and I am not sure if it is me, but I have 'articulated' some joy every afternoon when I was there.....

'Articulate' coz I am always the 'noisiest' patient.....hahha....because of such low threshold for pain, I 'yelled' and 'whined' about the 'treatment' but can you imagine the 'fun' I had :-)

I saw some elderly patients stealing a glance my way and I captured their subtle smile which is wonderful.

Anyway..... this is the pain I have to go through every afternoon and every night because I have to exercise 'self-discipline' and 'treat' myself by forcing little pinkie down with the rest of the fingers and wrapped around with rubberband :(

OUCH! It is that painful and little pinkie is so stubborn.

Oh.....about the painful jab this morning! I broke my silence to my Doctor coz I was not able to endure the pain any longer and she administered a jab to relieve the pain of the shoulder joint :'(

It helps I must say so let's see how is the progress of little pinkie from this day onwards. I hope by then, all my fingers would be able to function properly :D

(Yo...having said all that, it is not just painful hand physiotherapy though...I like the best is when William's Assistant waxed my hand, wrapped them in clear sheets & towel. is like going for a spa, after all this waxing I bet you can tell that my right hand is smoother than my left kekekek......)

Let me have pain-free physiotherapy please.......... :D

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