Rat Year 2008 Maret 2014


Bye Bye Piggy Year........ See you in 12 year's time :-) It has been a wonderful fruitful year with abundance of wealth and most importantly, good health for all as well.

Take a rest, sleep well as we embraced the Year of The Rat tonight heheheh.....

Welcome! Welcome! Let's all welcome the Year of The Rat with gusto :) Whew! I bet it has been a long wait for this appearrance Brother Ratty.

Knowing jolly well that you are very creative and resourceful, I bet together with God of Fortune you are gonna knock on everyone's door starting when the clock strike 12 tonight :D (Ahhh....I am more than happy to be the first to embrace you heheheh.......)

So here's wishing all my Chinese friends Happy Lunar New Year, Good Health Always and 恭喜发财 (Gong Xi Fa Cai*) To all other friends near and far..... Happy Holidays too :D

It's Reunion Dinner for all tonight so I'll post about my trip to Chinatown soon ok.....Ciao :D

*恭喜发财 (Gong Xi Fa Cai) ~ Greetings during Chinese New Year "Congratulation on being prosperous".
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