Comfort Food Maret 2014

Yup! Porridge is my comfort food and this is not just comfort to my tummy but to my soul as well :D

To enjoy this comfort food, you need to brace yourself for the long wait coupled with the humidity depending on what time of the day you visit this store.
No kidding, this is the all time famous Great Wall Porridge Stall over at this street corner of Chinatown, oh gosh it was packed after our shopping spree last week. Be prepared to share tables with others as well and most of us don't mind as the food is too good to resist and sharing tables is the norm anyway.

It might look plain but don't be fooled ya! My all time favourite is the pork porridge with minced pork, liver, stomach and the intestines.........Oooo.....I'm hungry now ;)

Don't forget to order a plate of raw fish to go with your hot sizzling porridge. Not so much like Japanese sashimi but squeeze some lime with lots of sliced gingers & chilli with shallots is the way to go.....So Shiok!

But I usually dunk it in my hot porridge to let it 'cook' for a while as I don't really like it all raw .... hmmm....that's me ;)

Another delicacy which we enjoyed just as much is the claypot froglegs ...... Yep! You hear me alright folks now don't panic!!! Oh please stay...... this is really yummy and it tastes much like chicken meat even more tender I promise!

If you don't like this I'll order claypot chicken or even just claypot rice or beef or anything which is just as comforting to you :D

My treat folks and you won't regret going on a comforting trip with Shionge heheheh....... YUM!! ;-)

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