This Place MOAB Maret 2014


Whew! I just 'blink' my eyes and didn't realise the week just flew by so quickly!

Time & tide certainly wait for no man and I bet it won't be waiting for me too kekekekek..... :D

Here I've found my paradise, this wonderful place MOAB situated southwest of Salt Lake City. gonna put on my cowgirl hat the next time I visit for sure ....HeeeHaaahhhh.....

Highly recommended Red Stone Inn..... very country-style of lodging, laid-back yet comfortable ~ We love it!

I just can't get enough of Arches National Park that I just have to show you this picture of the rise & fall of the arches.

If I tell you I've 'lost my heartbeat' when I was standing right in the middle of the Arches, would you believe me?

I did not have a heart attack for sure but I certainly 'lost' my soul in this incredible place on earth ~ A special kind of affinity ;)

Oh well.....I am not sure if this Wilson Arch would remain if ever I do visit so here you have it folks, enjoy this before it collapses.

Just realise from the website that MOAB means 'outdoor' so if you are looking for some fun & adventure, check this place out won't you?

Have a lovely weekend folks!

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