"Chapter" 44 Maret 2014

I've 'finished' Chapter 43 yesterday and today I am 'into' Chapter 44 :D

To me, every year of my life is just like chapters from books that I've read.

The initial few Chapters of my life just zipped by so fast that I was obviously oblivious to the hardship my parents gone through. I supposed it was through 'adversity' I was 'trained' and to feel & empathize with others.

Despite all that, I have the most colourful & memorable childhood and most importantly I am so glad & thankful to my parents for inculcating the right values to me.

Cake from my Younger Brother :D

Unlike a book whereby we could pick up and flip to the chapters that we want, sadly, we could never turn back the clock and re-live those yester-years.

Although some Chapters were pretty rough and nasty most other Chapters did enrich my life and taught me to be a better person :D

I suppose it is my 'self-actualization' that no matter which Chapters I am in, I know I will always be spontaneous, emotionally charged and motivated.

As I summoned all the fond memories I knew Chapter 44 is going to be just as colourful and exciting as I move on zealously and full of zest always :D

Thank you Shy Girl & HK for a sturdy pasta maker - caught me by surprise when I opened my gift this morning :) D will have to sort that out before I run through the recipes hahahah......

Showered with more gifts from England and special 'sardines' from Bordeaux..... that's chocolate for me :D

Thank you Aunty Bennett & them all!

My Birthday Wish: Good Health & True Happiness to all my love ones.

Happy Chapter 44 To Me ;D

(Thank you Dar, Bibi & Shan for a wonderful day as well as peppered my Chapters with joy & laughter :) Love you all! )
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