Women's Day Yipee!! Maret 2014

Yo Men! C'mon Men!

Yo Yo Handsome Men! Come and hear us ROAR!!! :D

That's right folks! Happy International Women's Day do pause and appreciate all the women in your life and here's to all my Girlfriends too as we embraced this day in recognition of Women's Power ;)

The NTUC Women Secretariat organised a Women's Health Fiesta on this special day followed by a mass walk at Bishan Park - Isn't that cool?

It was most encouraging to see our Sec-Gen Lim Swee Say supporting us on this lovely day plus all other supporting men of course!
Look at the spontaneous work-out folks ...... an aerobic instructor on stage to guide them.
Yep! Right on folks! One two one two....two two three three....kekekek...

Health booth from the Breast Cancer Foundation raising the awareness to the public which I think is laudable.
Also from the Singapore Heart Foundation, I saw some senior citizens tried on the treadmill and also have their BCG checkup too.

After the mass aerobic workout, it was followed by the mass walk around the park..... as you can see not just for the women, it is more like a family affairs really which is awesome!

Eh??? Mass workout with so many people what is this lone monkey doing here? Eh, celebrating International Women's Day too?

Oh ok.....Thank you for your wonderful greetings on this day :D

Thumb-Up for a wonderful day as you can see that I'm having a fabulous time with my 'bodyguard' pal...HK!

After a fun-filled celebration....I was truly touched when Shy Girl & HK surprised me by celebrating my birthday one week earlier :)

Thank you my dearest pals.... shall open my gift next week, shall treasure this wonderful time on this day.

Once again...Happy International Women's Day Ladies!
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