Happy Me :D Maret 2014

I am by nature a happy person :D

Probably not when I was in my teens as I suffered from inferiority complex then due to my 'ugly' face and out of proportion body size heheheh......

Also, back in the 80s, most of my girlfriends were into BGR if you know what I mean.

Anyhoo, when I was in my early 20s I 'blossom' and my phone never stops ringing (true I swear!!) ~ Anyway that's another story :)

So yep! I have always been happy go lucky and although I must admit I do have my 'downtown' feeling the blues sometimes, agitated at times or feeling upset blah blah time. Nothing really gets me down for long.

I love to spread cheers and bring on my hearty laughter to those around me and as I mentioned before that smile of yours & mine are contagious ya :D

Oh .... right now they are searching for the Happiest Person in Singapore, hmmm....I think I am 'qualify' to be classified as the Happiest Person but then again I bet someone is just as happy as me so good luck to him/her :D

So smile and be happy folks! Show me your sparkling white teeth heheheh..... :D
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