Special Gifts Special Bond Maret 2014

She did it again :D

She pampered & spoilt me Big Time :D ~ And I love it!

Early birthday surprises from good old America and I couldn't thank her enough.

It was wonderful to receive a big parcel over two weekends ago so you can imagine the generous treat once again for the family.

A very lovely bell from Las Vegas to add to my collection and the thought that it was her vacation in Vegas yet she took the effort to shop for my gift.

Special gifts special bond although strange as it might be but something which we can't explain.

We have embraced friendship with each other and a special sisterhood kind of bond started 'brewing' ever since we visited each other's blog :D

I remembered hearing her voice for the very first time after I met with an accident in New Jersey last November, it brought cheers Sista :D

I thank my lucky star to cross path & establish bond with her and do get to know this special Gal better :D

Thank you for the wishes pal!

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