House Warming Maret 2014

Yo folks! Little pinkie came 'alive' after reading all the lovely comments and warm hugs too :D

Thank you so much!

Over with the element of getting emotional just that I felt I was 'splashed' with cold bucket of water each time others shown 'concern' in a cynical way.

Oh well...... over & done with, I am so much better now after 'pouring' my feelings out and I just have to deal with it myself and not gain sympathy from others since they are not in 'my shoe'.
Hey...come with me for a House Warming over at my colleague's new house in Sengkang (That's North of Singapore).

I know the subway system pales in comparison with the labyrinth of metros in London or Paris plus many many other major cities so it's easy to hop on one over here.

I'm residing along the red line, changed to the green line with a brisk walk onto the purple....oh never mind folks, it was a breeze here ;)

This station reminds me of Los Angeles metro, very spacious & empty, I could count the passengers alighting that day. Love the paintings ya!

A reminder to parents coz it is a common sight to see parents sharing their adult tickets with their kid. I am truly disgusted with them simply because the turnstiles would hit the child's head - can you imagine the pain?

Use to be a 'giraffe' so this 'little girl' is cute ..... oh just noticed this is in Chinese language ;)

Welcome to Sengkang folks! The environment is so condusive and not many residents in this area yet. It looks more like a private than a government subsidized flat.

The host, 3Ps and his family. Why three Ps?? Hehehe....coz his name has got three 'Ps' in it - serious ;D

My two new 'bodyguards' keke..... serious!!! Sam on my left (in dark blue) nickname 'Enjoy' coz one of a kind who enjoys life to the fullest.

Next in colourful red shirt - Jasswant :) Office colleague who fetches me to the hospital for my hand therapy every other day.

Alamak! Suppose to be house warming I forgotten to snap some pictures of his house .... hmm.... I'll ask if he has some for me to blog.

Oh look what was served folks! 'New Generation Grass Jelly Drinks' - so cool!! No, not grass of course but some cool jelly which was refreshing.

Not just a house warming it was more like a gathering for all fellow colleagues & family members ~ We had fun :D

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