Dried Noodles Maret 2014

It has been a while since I have this craving for dried noodles :) .... just the thought of the dollop of chilli is enough to send me to outer space kekekek....

So before I bring you on to dessert attack, let's savour the choices being offered to diners over at The Line.

We choose the types of noodles or rice vermicelli that we wanted and besides dried or soup can choose to have laksa, chicken or prawn soup.

Right in front of you, the chef would fix a bowl for you so one just has to be patience when there is a queue.

Add the condiments......

Ta-Dah!!! My green noodles with only fishcake, towkays and lots of CHILLI - 'Hiam-Hiam*' very SHIOK :D

* - Spicy in Hokkien
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