Motherhood Maret 2014

Happy Motherhood :D Happy Mother's Day to all lovely women out there :D

Here's a lovely yummy strawberry cake for you, compliment from So Shiok :D

A special day for the special Mom in our lives and it can be unconditional love or for some, at times a bitter-sweet relationship....... it all depends.

To be honest, I have a bitter-sweet relationship with my Mom but since my Father passed on couple of years ago, I began to love my Mom more. I communicated more with her and I chose to be more empathy and most importantly to be more patient with her.

No matter what, she is still my Mom and I still love her dearly. Last night, we had a family night out with my Brothers and relatives over at The Warren so that was nice.

Look what Shan gave me?? Mother whales with the children isn't that sweet? Bibi sent me an e-card, she being so computer savvy that's my best e-greetings from her.

Hmmmm....that's Mama whales with my two princesses.....Er......Where's Papa Whales??? Heheheh..... taking a break I suppose!!

Thank you Sweeties :D

The card she made reminded me of our trip to Monterey's Bay (California) last year and we were so excited when we spotted some whales too!!

Now this is a big one :D Other than whales it was equally exciting to spot seals & jelly fish as well, anyway that's another story as I remembered vividly the initial excitement to ending the trip earlier due to sea sickness ;)

Anyhoo.....although today is Mother's Day, being filial and loving our Mother everyday is in fact a Happy Mother's Day everyday!!! :D

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