Pinkie Is "Dead" Maret 2014

Little pinkie is 'Dead' - So to speak really ;(

It has been confirmed that my bone is 'deformed' and I am so demoralize ;'(

To be honest, I don't feel good and I have been dishearten 'quietly' and to me, I see no point in explaining to others about the 'pain' I felt within me.

Others see me as someone without any injury as I go about with my usual chores, writing & typing. I am thankful really for still being able to move little pinkie but as it is, still unable to bend any further coz a slight push actually aggravates the joint and that really hurt ;(

X-Ray results don't lie and the specialist really can't do anything about it. Others can whine and reckoned the Doc is not doing a great job in 'nursing' the bone structure but apart from what was done in America could it be any different or better if I chose to opt for another corrective medical surgery?

Nooooooo please! No thank you!! I have had enough of surgeries as far as my medical records are concern. I have had enough of pain really *sniff*.

As I mentioned, X-Ray results don't lie so I have to fix the tendon which is still stiff and William (my therapist) prescribed a hand gutter for me to help 'straighten' pinkie but it doesn't seem to help much really. I just have to silently pray for the pain to heal by itself and that I am done with visiting the doctor and frequent visit for hand therapy.

Little Pinkie will never be the same again ....... :'(

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