Mail Box Maret 2014

I bet you would stop to appreciate this mail box huh? Or wouldn't you? I would :D

It sure beats the standard colour of just red/white postal boxes situated all over Singapore.

I have a 'love-affair' with the postal services since I was in my teens and I knew the precise timing when the postman came to deliver all our mails.

You see, I started corresponding with pen pals from all over the world....just name it folks! I even remembered writing with a girl from Trinidad :D As such, I knew every other day there would always be a letter for me from my pen pals.

It came as no surprise then that most of my pocket money were spent on postage and other goodies for my pen pals. As I grow older, I did not manage the 'letter writing marathon' but since then till now I am still friends with Karen from England whom we met quite often, either here or in England. Then of course there is Anja & her family in Denmark whom we met in Year 1995.

Then there is Louise from USA whom we met on that Russia Tour (1995) and I was so happy to keep in touch with her till now as we never fail to send each other Christmas cards all these year. So imagine just how excited we were when we met 10 years later in Alabama :D

As time evolves, email has replaced 'snail mail' and yes, it is instantaneous and beats the waiting for letters to reach the next party but it is just not the same reading emails and reading letters from your friends.

I love to send letters & packages just as much as I love receiving it :D I can imagine the look of excitement when there is a letter in the letter-box....Yep! Back to the days when we don't have computers reading letters from friends in America, England, Greece just to name a few is like embracing friendship & their cultures.

I am still keeping all my letters from my pen pals and they are part of my precious memory of my childhood :D

Anyhoo....just wanna share this mail box picture with you folks, I bet there's someone waiting for your letter today so start heading to the post office now ya!!

Hey!! Happy Memorial Day to my American friends ya :D
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