Simple Fare Maret 2014

Simple meal for weekend brunch how's that?

Yep! Sometimes we skip the heavy lunch or even an hearty dinner by having something "light".

By looking at this you would probably think it is heavy but really it warms our tummy perfectly :)

Long beans - adds to the crunch with the ever versatile beancurd (my fav) & fishcake.

Diced them all up and sometimes I like to add some red chilli for that punch too :)

Fried the chopped garlic till fragrant and add in the diced long bean first. Then you add in the rest of the ingredients.

Add in black sauce not forgetting the salt & pepper with a dash of oyster sauce - yummy!!

There....simple meal for all :D

Tuck in folks! I have porridge with my mixed vegetable and another all time favourite salted fish :D

Gosh!! I don't believe it but I am drooling now as I'm blogging about it......gosh!!! :D
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