Black Samurai Maret 2014

Loyal, disciplined & tough ..... That's Black Samurai for you folks :D

I remembered watching the Japanese black & white samurai movie back in the 70s.

I cringed each time I saw them plunged the sword into their tummy after they lost vigorous battle with their enemies. Better to die honourably then to be humiliated by others, so sad hor?

Many years back during the completion of Plant Expansion Project, one supplier presented a Black Samurai to the company.

I supposed because we are a Japanese MNC so he must have thought that this would be an appropriate corporate gift.

It sure was 'fierce' looking so Boss instructed this gift to be 'cold storaged' (storeroom) until it sees 'daylight' again because of some office renovation, we 'ransacked' the store and found this 'discovery' :D

All of us thought it was cool to put Mr. Black Samurai on display hahahah.....You see he has become a conversation piece in the office and everyone is happy :D

Most of the other corporate gifts we received were paintings, kimonos, horses (auspicious) as well the the usual plaque, plates & crystal vases.

Next, this Chinese Junk which reminds me of Marco Polo onboard if not the latest would the Pirates of the Carribean ;D

So.....Black Samurai reminds me of ancient warriors and oh, reminds me of The Gurkha too :D

Have a great weekend folks! And oh ...... Happy Mother's Day to all my lovely blog buddies & pals too ~ BIG HUGS!!!

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