Voodoo Men ;D Maret 2014

Voodoo Men!! They are not spooky at all :D

In fact they are colourful and delightful to look at. I have another white voodoo man hanging at my office computer monitor which is so cool.

An ardent Harry Potter's fan, Bibi has this lovely Harry Potter Voodoo now isn't that awesome?

Just strike me to blog about this but today is also the first day of the 7th Month of the Lunar Calendar which is traditionally known as the Hungry Ghost Festival
中元节 (Zhong Yuan Jie).

Yep, the 'hell's gate' opened last night and it is our culture to burn some paper money & food as offering to the spirits which we did last night.

Lots of beliefs during this particular month and there'll be lots of prayers among the Chinese and we'll be having a prayer session at the workplace so till then, I'll share some photos.

Enjoy my Voodoo Men and all I can say is during the 7th Month...... don't stay up late and hit the sack early ya :)

Have a wonderful weekend folks :D
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