Go Beijing Go!! Maret 2014

Finally One World One Dream :D All eyes on the Beijing Olympic 2008 and let me welcome friends from all over the world to the Official Opening tonight :D

Been a year since I was in Beijing and now let the show begin........ c'mon the door is wide open to embrace friends from all over the world.

Are you in.......?

Hmmmm.....that's a heavy door, now come on guys help me push this door to embrace the world heheh....

Whether you are from America, Europe, Australia, India.....let's boost up the spirit of the Olympic 2008 in Beijing.

If you are free, join me as I chill out watching the sportsmen/sportswomen compete in swimming, diving, badminton, gymnastics and most likely table tennis too :D

Let's Roar & Cheer together as we watch the Official Opening in Beijing tonight :D

Now if only D is not working night shift tonight we'll pop a bottle of champagne perhaps ya hahahah.....

Whew!! What a spectacular Olympic Official Opening in Beijing couple of hours ago ;)

I was awe-struck, totally mesmerized & dazzled !!

So let's cheer them on Folks!!! There's a 'Beijing' in our household and I'm sending the spirit to all of you too....have fun!!!

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