My Gym Haven Maret 2014

I have always mentioned about hitting the gym and working out on the treadmill so here is my gym haven folks :D

Apart from jogging at the stadium which is a stone throw away or running to Bukit Timah, I love my workout haven.

I love the greenery as well as the pool view depending on which treadmill I get on, sometimes if you are lucky you get to see babes or hunks sun-bathing while you jog like a champion heheh.......

The only time to avoid really is during the evening peak hour when most residents came back from their work.

Opening hour is from 6 am to 10.00 pm so I get to choose my workout without having to worry about the weather.

Exercise bike having a full view of the lap pool :) Looking out towards the right would have been the Guilin quarry.

I remembered when my girls were much younger I get to exercise yet keeping a watchful eye over them swimming right outside the gym.

This is my favourite treadmill (there are currently four in the gym), don't know why but it seems like I have better stamina whenever I did my running on this one, no fatigue at all.

This is what I see if I chose the above treadmill and as you can see, it is pretty quiet at this time of the day around 12 pm last Saturday.

Also, as Shania went for her tuition on Tuesday in the evening, just before fetching her I'll hit the gym at 8 pm and it is so peaceful to jog during this time with only one regular guy doing his weight-lifting :) gym haven folks! This is where I find my solitude with my beloved ipod as my companion working out a sweat.

Indeed, today is a better day already thanks for all your lovely comments & encouragement....LUV YOU ALL :-)
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