Ghost Festival Maret 2014

Time flies - The Ghost Festival is coming to an end. This morning, 7th Moon Prayer was held over at our Company premises.

This yearly tradition was carried out so as to ensure peace and safe 'environment' to all the workers as well as to pay respect to the 'spirit' (wandering souls) plus a smooth plant operation.

Most employees who participated contributed a minimum of $20 for the ritual with most bulk of the contribution by the employer. A Committee will work out the logistic and prepare the offerings on this day.

Here, you will see all the offerings being properly laid out with at least ten roast pigs this year. Yes, packet of rice, salt & sugar is included as part of the offerings too.

This is 'candied peanuts' shaped into a crab, other shapes offered are fish, piglets, chicken & duck too. These are also known as 'mocked meat'.

Three seats set for the 'Spirit' ~ a bowl of white rice & Chinese tea ......Eh....just in case they are 'around' the premises. (We do believe they are 'around' us)

Towards the end of the prayer, Committee members will burn the incense paper and hell notes before distributing all the offerings to all employees who contributed to the 7th Moon Prayer.

There you have it, some glimpse and insight of our local culture and tradition during the Ghost Festival.

By the way, there are different ways of prayer but most of us believed that 'spirits' do wander around so usually, no auspicious activities such as weddings, house renovation, buying properties etc are held during this period.

Good & auspicious month has always been the eight month of the Chinese lunar calendar :)
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