Tinge of Sadness Maret 2014

I can't help feeling a tinge of sadness.

I knew I did what I could when it comes to prioritising between my work & volunteer job.

I knew I gave in my 100 per cent effort in whatever that I have championed.

Not here to receive accolade and credit.

Not here to listen to people singing praises.

Just do what I can, did what I could.

Honestly, it didn't sink too well getting crusty response from friend without first establishing the constraint & fact.

To my friends, I have always nurtured 100 per cent to the relationship.

To my friends, I have also given constructive feedback on whatever issues/matters that need to be addressed but NEVER in a cynical manner.

Just sad that this have to come from friend who did not give a thought to my situation or perhaps I was naive to think that all my friends have a level of empathy.

I was and still am 'disturbed' ;-(

The winds in life can either make us bitter or better, and the way we share experiences in life is what breaks us or makes us.

A life without friendship is like a day without chocolate ~ boring and tasteless. Friendships give us support, plenty of drama, and the feeling of belonging. Sure, they may drive us around the bend at times, but we couldn't survive without them.

So with the above, I think tomorrow is gonna be a better day despite lingering sadness hovering my head for the past few days :'D

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