Men @ Work Maret 2014

I am not envious of what they are doing but in fact my heartbeat stopped couple of notches each time I saw the gondola moved up & down the apartment.

Yep! My heart skipped couple of beats too folks ;(

It was sheer hard work I must say since painting work started in April and scheduled to end by October 2008.

Lots of migrant workers around the Guilin premises and extra care for the children when they are out & about in the neighbourhood especially walking to the swimming pool.

Finally right in front of my balcony 'spidey' men 'cruised' towards the top of our apartment block and I was momentarily terrified that it might just crash into our glass balcony door.

Whew! *Touch Wood* coz painting is still in progress.

Close-up shot folks, safe working load is 300 kg so I suppose three men on board the gondola is safe huh?

But 'hanging' there so precariously just makes weak heh ;)

Anyway, nice spruce of paint - well almost but what really frustrated us was to find Bibi's Niki sports shoes missing so she was pretty upset because hers is new as compared to the rest of the shoes on display at the shoe rack ;(

Still, good job guys ;)

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