Mangoesteens Maret 2014

Hey no worries folks, I did not buy the whole basket load of mangoesteens :D

When it is the durian season, there will always be mangoesteens - 'The Queen' since durian is known to be 'The King'

Couple of days ago we decided to have some since we are not in the mood for durian knowing it is high carbo & 'heavy' stuff for our current healthy lifestyle ;)

Gosh! Good choice - fresh & succulent not forgetting this batch to be so sweet & juicy ... yum!!

When I was little, I love mangoesteen because it sounds like 'Man Goes Thin' - How Cool! Now if only that's true we need not work our butt out at the gym kekekeke....

Have some folks.......go's really juicy :D

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