Lake With No Name Maret 2014

Lake With No Name (没有名字的湖) just caught my eyes when I went to the library weeks ago.

I know it is ironically to be reading 'the day the tanks rolled into Tiananmen Square' right after an extravagant & exuberance opening of the Olympic game but I couldn't help it.

As much as being in a celebrative mood for Beijing, I was 'hunger' for another good book not just for the anguish of those yester-years but more about the writer and her lover who took part in the demonstration.

It was no doubt a traumatic event and I remembered back in 1989 while the students were demonstrating, many people were still very much ignorant and adopted a laissez-faire disposition as Beijing seems so far away.

Coming back to the storyline, after 'fighting' for justice with her sweetheart yet separation is inevitable. The writer had to flee Beijing for America as a result of the provocation against the government but after more than seven years, she went back to look for her lover again, sadly it was not meant to be.

I don't know about you folks but have you ever feel like you have become the main character and you somehow flow with the book? Do you feel that way or is it just me alone?

Why 'Lake with No Name'? That lake was where she seek solitude and spent most of her time reading and writing alone. I think that's really cool to have a place 'you could go to' and self-confide within yourself and be totally 'safe'. I can imagine the peace and tranquility surrounding this lake ever so blissfully.

I love a good cry after a love story and I was sad that true love was not meant to be for her *sniff*
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