Desserts & Bread Maret 2014

Yo people, I love the fact that my 'So So Random' post put a big smile on your face :)

I smiled so much throughout the weekend that when I was running 4 km I smiled!!! Trust me I smiled while running - no sweat at all :D

It has been such a long time since I indulged and pampered myself so without any guilt I savoured this lovely strawberry tart.

I feel like kissing the pastry chef right now because it was so good that I regretted not packing it by the dozen.

Okay so I went overboard hehehehe......although I did not pack by the dozen I did try their smooth cheese cake too.

Funny how a person who didn't like cheese enjoyed cheese cake so much :P That's me lor!

I was on the verge of breaking the display cabinet the night when I was at Intercontinental Hotel kekekeke.....

*Sigh* I should have learn how to bake, hmmm..wonder if this is too late now.

Although Sumo wrestlers don't turn me on, to a certain degree the smell of bread helps to turn the 'rush' on *wink*

~ The meaning is so deep I bet someone is going to email me soon hahahha.....

Anyhoo, desserts & bread never failed to push me to euphoria (so to speak) and wonder if this is only a girl thing.

What say you buddies?? :D

Note to all ~ I'll pack the strawberry tarts & cheese cake if you come to visit, I promise!!

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