Bit & Pieces Of Me Maret 2014

Hey I did a '25 Random Things About Me' recently so thought it might be cool to post it here too :D

Just a little bit more about me, if you want more I'm afraid we have to sit down and have High Tea hehehe.....

1) I am a Chocolate Monster :D

2) I love my Hakka heritage.

3) Although born in Singapore, I enjoy visiting my Father's ancestral home.

4) I love my Guilin View apartment.

5) Jogging & brisk walking is therapeutic to me.

6) I love being Elder Sister to my Younger Brother - John.

7) I hate cockroaches - especially those that fly.

8) I have never tried oysters - never will.

9) I love babies - mine included.

10) I enjoy talking to senior citizens - they have wealth of knowledge.

11) I have been corresponding with my penpals in UK & Denmark for more than 29 years.

12) I love travelling except packing my luggage hahahah....

13) I love retail therapy only when there are things to buy.

14) I am a Victoria's Secret greatest fan.

15) Came under the surgery table FIVE times - scary & petrified!!

16) I ogle at men sometimes - it's our right ladies ;)

17) A social butterfly who breaks the ice easily.

18) Thought of pursuing my Masters is still very much on my list.

19) Learned Japanese language for three years - can still manage some.

20) Never a number cruncher - hate them!

21) Broke my little pinkie in New Jersey ;(

22) Love my Doctor in New Jersey :D

23) I love having my beauty sleep - I can really sleep & snore at the same time.

24) Love cheese cake but not cheese on its own.

25) I am always motivated & fully charged everyday :D

Yep! That's bit & pieces of me for now, hope you all enjoy it ~ Ciao :)
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