Our LNY Celebration Maret 2014

For some reason I've enjoyed my lunar new year celebration with my family as well as with my in-laws.

There were no rush, alot of bonding not forgetting feasting amid all the laughters in both households.

It was the usual Reunion Dinner on Sunday which happens to be D's Birthday as well.

A very special raspberry cheesecake which I would strongly recommend to all since Valentine is just two weeks away from now.

The usual 'nian gao' - sticky rice cake which is auspicious for us during this period. My Mom-in-law would fry them with egg & flour and it is a nice snack for all.
Decorated my bamboo plants with red ribbons and somehow with everything auspiciously red, it magnifies the mood of our Chinese New Year celebration.

Since this is the Year of The Ox - I went to buy the Ang Pow (Red Packet) with a Kung Fu Cow printed on it. This would ensure that all of us have good kick-start this year huh? :D

Jayden is happy to receive two Ang Pows :)

Today is the sixth day of our lunar new year and last week when I went back to the office it seems like most people are still taking time off from work.

Before we could all catch a breather - tomorrow is February already and isn't it scary how time just tick away so quickly?

Anyhoo, live & enjoy Year 2009 folks :D
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