The Ox Is Coming :D Maret 2014

Come on folks, join me to light up the fire crackers and welcome the Year of The Ox :D

With all the buzz as I have mentioned, I'm taking this opportunity to wish all my relatives, friends & blog buddies a Happy & Prosperous New Year.

Beginning of Year 2009 seems to just whizz by so quickly that it is now time to embrace our Lunar New Year on Monday.

Despite the gloomy gloomy economic backdrop, we are all joyous to gather for our traditional Reunion Dinner being a symbolic family gathering.

Any Mooooo....let's dance & party to welcome The Year of The Ox folks!

Mr. Barack Obama was inaugurated as the President of America on 20 January and our Singapore Government unveiled the Budget 2009 two days' ago. To me, it symbolises hope and opportunity for everyone.

I am optimistic that with a concerted effort by all and our Government 'holding our hands' we are all gonna emerge stronger & definitely a Big Bull Run :D

On this note, wishing all Good Health, Peace & Prosperity :D
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